as a diverse artist with many disciplines, one thing that usually distinguishes them is my connection with my environment, with an abundance of scenic views to explore, the landscapes provide continual stimulation for my creative endeavours.

as a believer in sustainability, i have an extremely large garden that lives and breathes life - the plants emerge to create a habitat for animals to live within.

i feel very much a part of, and inspired by, the life cycles and web of life that surrounds me – plants, insects, animals, and people.

we boast a heavenly nature-esk 2 acre garden made up of some rare and unique plants, formed around structure and design.


come listen to the birds and enjoy.

found in the beautiful north west coast of tasmania, hidden away between devonport and latrobe.

what asimatree offers

as a mixed discipline artist, we have a number of works on display and workshops available throughout the year

nestled on the north west coast of tasmania, our garden offers a wide range of eclectic and rare plants