we had no idea what we where getting into back in 1990 -  we were workaholics and still are. the idea was to create a home for our young family, with the intention to build it all ourselves. dane and samara, our children 8 and 6, were old enough to be interested and help out (I think they called it child labour). they are still involved to this day.


it was all a huge learning curve and a road of discovery that resulted in new-found loves for creativity in almost any form. building our home gave us opportunities at every turn to put our own creative mark on things - something we never stop doing. without any previous gardening experience, our garden grew out of our enthusiasm and seemed to evolve naturally - it became our new love affair which is stronger than ever some 23 years later.  and of course, we create art and build furniture in our spare time!!! 


our desire now is to share our home and garden with you - hope to see you soon.

the family

noel sims

cheryl sims

dane sims

samara sims